09 December 2007

Free cash if you used your credit card for foreign travel !

I got some big envelope from the US District Court this week. "Uh oh", I thought, "The feds are onto me !"

Turns out that if you used your credit card outside the country between Feb. 1996 and November 2006, your credit card company probably screwed you on fees charged.

I guess someone won their class action suit, because the envelope contained info on claiming to be part of the class or opting out. The options are basically -

  1. Settle for $25
  2. Tell them how many days you were out of the country and they will estimate an amount
  3. Provide detailed data on your foreign transactions
  4. Opt of the of class
I picked option 2. I was out of the country roughly 9 weeks in that time period. Seems like I should get more than $25.

BTW - if you are claiming for corporate card usage, you have to pick option 3.

Anyway, for more info and to submit a claim (even if you did not get a letter) to to CCFSettlement.com.

Free money in the mail ! Sweet !


EL CHAVO! said...

I got the same offer! Though I'm going with 1 as I don't have the patience to figure out the details.

qazwsx said...

I picked the number of days option, only because I could easily figure that out from my passport.