26 November 2007

Social Software is a lot of work

I just got back from a trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving. I took just over 100 digital photos. In order to be a good social software user, I have a lot of work to do now.

  1. Upload pics from my camera to my computer
  2. Delete crappy pics and tweak the ones I want to keep
  3. Upload them all to Flickr
  4. Organize, title, tag, and geotag all the pics
  5. Send a link to the set to everyone who might be interested (because RSS is only understood by maybe 3% of the world)
  6. Write Yelp review for the place I care to
  7. Upload (again) pics for the places I Yelp'd

Whew !

Of course this is not all altruistic (nor all selfish).

I like having Flickr store all my pics (makes me feel a lot better about not having backups of my computer). I should tag and title my pics so I can find them later. I like Yelp'ing places I particularly enjoyed or hated.

Here is the whole Flickr set. Enjoy. I will Yelp later (see the widget in the sidebar).

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