01 December 2006

Walmart has 20 more days to send me my bundle games

I got another email from walmart.com yesterday telling me that my 6 remaining Wii Bundle games are going to be further delayed.

Basically Walmart has my credit card info and wants to charge me, but it has been 10 days and they still can't tell me when these games will ship. This seems a bit unreasonable, so I called my credit card company to figure if I had any recourse through them.

It turns out Walmart has not yet charged me for anything, even though I have the Wii and two games. What they did was take out an authorization on my card for the full amount of the bundle ($736 with tax and shipping). But they have not charged it yet.

My credit card company says that authorizations are good for 30 days. So logically, Walmart has 20 days left to ship those damn games. You know, so I can take them back at a B&M Walmart.

Ironically I was able to walk into a Worst Buy last night and find the four launch titles I really wanted (Zelda, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Rampage, and COD3). No extra controllers though. Apparently they are sold out in LA.


Anonymous said...

I just ended my Wii saga, culminating in a $100 profit on eBay. I had to order the massive bundle like everyone else, but I was informed through email that 4 of my games were canceled. That left 1 game actually sent to me and 3 processing. I called Wal-Mart.com service (since I didn't actually want all of those games) and gave them a story of how I didn't really enjoy the Wii and wanted to return the system to a store - but I had only received 1 game thus far. The rep apologized and offered to cancel the other 3 games in processing. That left me with 1 game (which I could return to the store) and the console (which turned the profit on eBay). So that would be my advice to you... say that you are returning it to a store and they should cancel your games. Good luck!

thesandman27 said...

Can you tell me if your idea to return the game to a Wal-Mart store for a refund worked? I'm in the same boat - but had to get 8 games - none of which I want - and only one has shipped. Just curious to hear how your luck was. You can catch me at thesandman27@gmail.com. thanks!!!