30 November 2006

finally got the Wii !

So after leaving Tennessee a week ago and not getting any updates on the tracking number, my Wii arrived in LA today and was delivered. Maybe I shoulda sprung for the next day air ?

I received two games (Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz and Trauma Center Second Opinion) the day before. The good news is the receipt that came with the games has no indication whatsoever they were sold in a bundle. So hopefully I will be able to return the crap games as they arrive at the local Walmart, as this was the plan all along.

Trauma Center sounds pretty good to me and a co-worker is giddy at the prospect of Monkey Ball, so I think I will be keeping these two.

I still haven't played anything yet, since my IT background forced me to connect it to the Internet and install updates straight-away. It is still doing that .....

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