23 November 2006

Walmart/Wii update

OK, I am a little pissed.

The Wii console and two games shipped at some point in the night and I have tracking numbers. Sweet. Of course they are those weird UPS MI numbers, which don't tell you squat as far as I can tell.

So I called walmart.com and tried to cancel the other 6 crap games they made me buy. (Does anyone really want "Ant Bully" and "Open Season" for the Wii ?). The CSR told me I would not be able to cancel anything and I could only return the entire bundle to them. I tried to explain that two different CSR's told me a different story two days ago, but all this guy could do was mumble an apology.

So now I guess I get to wait until the crap games arrive and trek over to exchange them at a local Walmart. That better work or I will need to plot a way to get approximately $300 worth of revenge at Walmart.


Anonymous said...

guess what, i work at walmart and i believe you are mistaken. we carry no such "wii package". Walmart has a policy that warns against consumer un-friendly package deals that force a person to buy extra items to get the single item they want. We also dont do preorders as they are inefficient. Sorry but you must be thinking of another store, or are simply mistaken. thank you

qazwsx said...

I am referring to Walmart.com, not a Brick&Mortar Walmart.