21 November 2006

Getting a Wii from walmart.com

After trying online since Saturday night, I just got a Wii order in at walmart.com. If you do a bit of research you will see only walmart has been having them available on online, and the just a few are available on a periodic schedule.

Here are the things I think you need to do to be successful getting one -

  1. Use the ReloadEvery Firefox extension (or equivalent)
  2. Setup your account billing info and shipping info with walmart. This way you only need to type in the 3 digit credit card ccv code to checkout.
  3. When walmart will let you, put a Wii bundle into your cart. You will likely not be able to order this one and you will see the big red error message on the checkout page.
  4. Now tell ReloadEvery to reload the checkout page every 10s or so. Put the browser window off to the side. Do work or something.
  5. When you notice the page refresh without the big red error, turn off ReloadEvery.
  6. Click through the order process. Shell out $736. Be happy.

Now that said, I got a delivery date of 11/29 to 12/01 with standard shipping.

Supposedly you can call walmart.com customer service and cancel just the games you don't want. Also you are supposed to be able to take the (unopened) games to a real walmart for exchange.

We shall see how this goes. I am still going to try and get one at a brick & mortar store on Black Friday.

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