20 November 2006

Seven years of DVD

I happened to be looking at my Amazon order history today and noticed that November 12, 1999 was when I bought my first DVD player. It was a Toshiba SD-2109. And yes, I was a bit late to the DVD party.

My first DVD purchase was Criterion Collection edition of Brazil.

I didn't join Netflix until August of 2000. My first Netflix rental was The Lair of the White Worm. Don't laugh. I still like this movie. I have since rented 620 discs from Netflix, which is only about two discs a week.

I am pretty passionate about Netflix kicking ass. I really hate it on the odd occasion that I find myself in a video store. Especially if it is a Blockbuster. The one exception is Videotheque in South Pasandea. I often find they have stuff even Netflix doesn't have or ideas for things to put into my Netflix queue.

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Will said...

My first DVD player was a computer that I got in January 1999. I love Netflix. I first joined in 2004 and I think the first DVD I got from them was Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1. I used to go through several DVDs a week, but not I'm lucky if I can get to 4 or 5 a month.