13 December 2006

Sunmilk ?

So I keep seeing magazine ads for a new product called Sunmilk, which claims to be 'real' milk without any saturated fat. I think "Hmm. Interesting." Since I am squarely in the target demographic and I do drink milk as a beverage I figured I would try it if I ever saw it.

Well last week I saw some at the newly remodeled Vons near my apartment. It was about $1 more per half gallon than the regular old store brand. Since my ex-wife preferred non-fat milk and I preferred 2%, we always compromised on 1% milk. So I went ahead and bought the 2% fat version.

I drank a gulp when I put it away and thought "it tastes like milk". Pretty uneventful.

Later on I was reading the label and it says "by removing milkfat and blending in a small amount of natural healthy sunflow oil, you get a great creamy taste with no saturated fat or tans fatty acids" and "it's high in protein and is loaded with vitamins and minerals". This sounds like they basically add sunflower oil, protein, and calcium to nonfat milk. Hmm.

Now every time I drink some Sunmilk it does not quite taste like 'real' milk to me. I think that milkfat has a different mouth feel than sunflower oil. But I am going to buy it again and see how it goes. A little less saturated fat sure isn't going to hurt.

If you are a resident of Los Angeles, San Diego, or Las Vegas you can get a coupon for a free half gallon here.

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