14 December 2006

Newspaper stock quotes == irrelevant

I was reading the newspaper the other day and there was another self-interest article on cut backs at the LATimes. I mostly glossed over it since I have become resigned to the LATimes sucking even more than it does now. Mike over at Cruftbox has a good rant on the recent cosmetic changes.

But when I got to the Business section, the article got me thinking.

"Why don't they save a few bucks and stop printing stock quotes ?"

I mean seriously, who the heck reads the newspaper for stock prices these days ? This has got to be some of the most useless information printed these days. Worse than the PennySaver or junk mail.

If physical newspapers want to exist, they need to concentrate on some fundamental aspects that set them apart for the online world. In depth analysis, investigative reporting, great local news, crossword puzzles, comics, coupons and ads. But time sensitive news and data is not for them anymore. Give it up guys.

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