16 September 2008

Time to do some drilling and cutting !

I bought a Makita cordless drill a long time ago (10 years?). It lasted a while, but the battery crapped out a few years ago. And it didn't make to the new place.

So whenever I need to use a drill, I have to beg/borrow/steal.

Buying a good quality drill alone can run $200. Buying a tool set is a better deal, but the sets tend to have a lot of crap in them.

I found the DeWalt DC6PAKIA set had a good assortment of tools (Hammer Drill, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Impact Driver, Cut-Off Tool, Flexible Floodlight, 2 Batteries, Charger, and Bag). Amazon has been carrying it for about 40% off, but it recently went down to 57% off (new, not a refurb).

So if you need anything cut or drilled, I gots the tools now !

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Kevin Kidney said...

Wow, I just discovered your blog and have been reading through for about 20 minutes. Love your insight and humor. Your post on May 17 had me looking through lists of great free hikes with the Sierra Club - of which I am now signed up for one this weekend - thanks!
I'm going to put a link to your blog on mine. Looking forward to reading more!