10 February 2008

Travelling much ? You need a towel *and* and pillow

I am going to Australia in a couple of months for my sister's wedding. As we all know, you don't travel without a towel because towels are so massively useful.

However, I am going to be doing (all told) about 50 hours of flying. In coach.

Plus camping with hippies, sleeping in dubious hostels, and spending god-knows-how-long in airport terminals.

I decided I need a pillow too.

But I can't just bring one off the old bed. Too bulky. I can't travel laden with supplies like my grandmother.

I can't stand those inflatable neck pillows. What they heck are they for ? I would rather drool on myself.

I found the perfect thing at REI. A Therm-a-Rest compressible travel pillow. I got a large sized one. It rolls up into its own little stuff sack about the size of a submarine sandwich. It is fluffy. It has a cool smooth side and a warm fuzzy side. It is large enough to fold it in half and use for reading.

My pillow is going to be my new best friend while traveling. Sorry towel, you are too easily replaced in this galaxy.

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