19 December 2007

I am a bad note taker

I have always been a bad note taker. Every semester I would try to take good notes, and then fail miserably. Same thing at work when I go to meetings.

However, as my job became much more customer focused I find that I am taking better notes in meetings and seminars. Sometimes this is to ease communicating later to my boss and team. Other times is so I don't forget to do something.

I decided to go through the half dozen little notebooks I have floating around and post just the titles of the various meetings.
  • Large Company Social Computing Issues
  • Company University site
  • Pligg to-do
  • Prioritize Search Initiatives
  • VAP7 Rollout
  • Enterprise Architecture Board Collaboration Team
  • Plone Outages
  • Company mediawiki
  • Staff Meeting
  • Zimba and Company business unit
  • SAP Contacts
  • Digitizing the Archives
  • Content Discovery
  • Contacts 2.0
  • CIO Coffee
  • Wiki Book Project
  • Calendaring
  • Google Meeting with Compant Special Events
  • Moving Servers to of of Current Data Center
  • Google POC
  • Wiki Meeting
  • Plone and Server Migration
  • Kiosk Issues
  • Cisco Unified Communications
  • Zimbra Scope
  • IT Support
  • Targeted links
  • Search Monitoring
  • Email Delivery
  • FAST Status
  • Virtual Iron Meeting
  • SpikeSource/Intel Collaboration
I note that for many meeting, I failed to write anything down. I guess that is because many meetings are a waste of time. Others are only held for social validation purposes. I am actually surprised that this list manages to capture the diverse nature of my role fairly well.

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Gritty in Pink said...

"Zimbra Scope" is so the name of my next band.