23 June 2007

Amazon Customer Service Rocks

I don't know about you, but I have always had great customer service from Amazon.

I checked this morning to if my camera had shipped yet (they were saying it would on Friday). Lo and behold the shipped the SD card, but the camera was scheduled for delivery in late November. WTF?!

Usually something like that indicates Something Bad Happened. I called Amazon customer service (and what other ecomm firm takes calls 24x7x365 ?) and got some obviously outsourced, but still plenty helpful, customer service rep.

She checked into it and reported that the shipment they received was damaged and they had to chuck them all. They weren't sure when they would get move, hence the ridiculous ship date. I asked if that was just the black version that I had ordered or if they could ship a silver or blue. Blue is my preference, but they are about $50 more I suppose because they don't make as many.

She went away for a while then came back and said they would ship me a blue DMC-TZ3 next week and they would waive the $50 price difference. Sweet!

So Amazon is again double-plus-good in my book.

BTW - it sure *feels* a lot hotter than 85 degrees today


Anonymous said...
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Rodrigo said...

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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

That's awesome. I get mixed customer service results from them; I usually order and hope nothing bad happens!