21 May 2007

Super Weekend

Wow, what a very full weekend. I give you just a bulleted list with comments.

  1. Jacqueline - See pictures. She is awesome. 'Nuff said.

  2. Drive to San Mateo - It was dark. We talked a lot.

  3. Coxhead House - A nice little B&B in San Mateo. Comfy rooms, squeaky floors, tasty breakfasts.

  4. Maker Faire - Awesome! So much to see and do. Nicely non-commercial. Lots of interactivity. I am definitely going next year. Look for it to be in Austin in October.

  5. Annapoorna - Got some good veggie Indian food to-go (thanks to Yelp)

  6. Thunderdome at Nimby - Two men enter, one man leaves. Repeat. Add fire, noise, and impaling for effect.

  7. Bay to Breakers - Didn't actually make into The City for this. But we though about it.

  8. Maker Faire - day2 was just as good as day1. Did a little Cyclecide. Still didn't see everything.

  9. Drive back to LA - Took the scenic route with a stop for lunch at Casa de Fruta. A perfect day for a nice drive.
I will get my camera phone pics onto Flickr soon.

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