13 April 2007

Getting the best deal on appliances at Sears. Price Match or Sale ?

I am moving into a new place and need to get a washer/dryer and a refrigerator. A friend of mine told me about a local appliance store that had very good prices I should check out and that Sears would price match them. After cross referencing data and features from Consumer Reports, Sears, and Universal Appliance, I decided on these three units -

Now, where to buy them ?

Universal Appliance has *very* good prices. But I have bought a lot of appliance from Sears over the years, plus they were having a sale. So I decided to go with Sears.

To make a long story short, during a Sears 20% off sale you can either get 20% off of the Sears price or have them match (+10% of the difference) a competitor price. They will still do the free delivery promotion with price match and other rebates may apply.

I have worked out the 'out the door' price I would have paid under a few different scenarios. I have included sales tax, but not factored in delivery charges or rebates. Given the option to purchase a Sears service contract and delivery promotions, having Sears price match Universal was a very good deal. I recommend it to all, though you will spend a lot of time waiting for Sears to make sure it is not a scam and getting manager approval.

Sears with no special sale
1.0825*(1250+1000+959) = $3473

Sears 20% off three appliances sale
1.0825*0.8*(1250+1000+959) = $2779

Universal Appliance
1.0825*(909+859+749) = $2724

Sears price matching Universal
1.0825*(909+859+749-0.1*(3473-2724)) =

Do you have another strategy for getting a good price ?

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Aliyah said...

Interesting!! Generally, I prefer to shop at Sears...