22 February 2007

The Celsius Drink Diet

Two new beverages have hit the market lately that claim to 'burn calories' by increasing your metabolic rate. See the Celsius FAQ for more information.

Enviga by Coke

and Celsius

The big difference seems to be cans versus bottles and flavors variations. Since Celsius is available at the local Albertson's we use it to perform the following experiment:

People: me and WorkingData
What: one bottle of Celsius a day (consumed at work)
Duration: one week
Data: we will weigh in each day and report deltas. Actual body weight will not be reported to protect the innocent donuts in our lives.

We will also be reporting on the Celsius flavors. I was only able to get Cola, Wild Berry, and Ginger Ale. So let know know if you see Lemon Lime or Orange in the Los Angeles area.

Since Celsius claims to increase metabolic rate and not just burn a certain amount of calories, we are also quite curious about combining Celsius and working out. Therefore the following week we will continue the experiment, but change the time of consumption to 1 hour before working out.

Stand by for updates and chime in with comments !


WD said...

We may also need to agree ahead of time on the duration and intensity of the workout to ensure accurate data.

qazwsx said...

OK. My normal schedule is -

Tue. hiking 2hrs.
Wed. pilates 1hr.
Thu. hiking 2hrs.
Fri. pilates 1hr.
Sat. pilates 1hr.

Mike said...

I tried the cola variety, and half way in my lower guts started gurgling.

WD said...

I also experienced the gurgling action - I think that is a feature of the drink. There was a funky taste at the end of the bottle, and about 2 hours after drinking I started to feel seriously wiggy. Not like your typical too much coffee buzz, it more "tingly", if I can describe it that way.
Regarless, it definitely made me feel different.

WD said...

Here is my proposed work out routine:
Tue. Wii Tennis 1/2 hour
Wed. Serious Nap
Thu. Exercise bike 1/2/ hour
Fri. Chase dog around the house
Sat. 40 miles on the bike