23 February 2007

Celsius - Day1

Our first impression is 'disturbed'. The bottle of Celsius does not list all the ingredients, just the 'thermogenic' ones. A visit to their website is of little use either.

We also notice the subtitle on the bottle is "Enjoy the Great Taste of Burning Calories!". That does not sound appetizing. About the same as "Enjoy the Great Taste of Burnt Popcorn!".

We decided to start with the Cola flavor. A sniff of it smelled like hippie soda. A sip however was quite different. It tasted like super-sweetened diet hippie soda. With a little tummy burn.

After a few sips it was clear this was not a good beverage and we would never drink it again if it were not for this experiment. In fact, I considered deleting the first post and pretending it never happened. But we decided to soldier on.

WorkingData felt decidedly not good after drinking it. I had to head to the dentist office and had to pee not less that 5(!) times while there. Is this crap a diuretic too ?

I figure there is a good chance we still might call an abort on this whole deal.


WD said...

I would add that one of our colleages tried one and after 1/2 a bottle reported "gurgling in the lower GI tract."
Over the weekend I will be trying the Berry flavor and the Ginger Ale flavor.

EL CHAVO! said...

Man, you are a trooper! The reviews from their site create more doubt than anything else:

“Tried it, Loved it, Want more of it!!!!! Got friends hooked on it!!!!”

“I am training for a triathlon and Celsius gives me that extra boost to train after a full day of work and kids!”

“I tried this at the beach volleyball tournament and loved it. I have been cleaning out the stores near work and home. My office thinks it's the coolest thing.“

Seems kinda nutty. Warn the people!

qazwsx said...

Thanks for reading El Chavo! And congrats on the metroblogging gig !