03 January 2007

Two Good Meals in Santa Barbara

I went on a day trip with some friends last weekend up to Santa Barbara, La Purisima Mission, and Solvang. It was a long day (left at 8am and got back at 10pm). Our rental minivan was a Dodge, which reminded me of how crappy Dodge vans are.

We ate lunch and dinner in Santa Barbara and both meals were really good, so I wanted to post about it.

Lunch was at La Super Rica. The line stretched down the block (a lot longer than in this picture) and it was about 20min before we could order.

When we got to order the reason for the line became apparent. There is one lady making fresh tortillas from masa as fast as possible.

However, when we got our food I was glad we came. It was all very good and the fresh tortillas kicked it up a notch. I got a daily special taco that had stewed pork and zucchini. I was *great*. I also got a very nice horchata. Be sure to order a large as it is only 16oz.

Dinner was at Your Choice, a Thai place which we randomly selected while driving around. And good random selection it was. We did a family style meal with tum kha gai soup, mee krob, beef salad, garlic duck, and pumpkin curry. It was all very tasty. The soup was especially good. It is much more creamy than most tum kha gai one finds.

The dining section of santabarbara.com has lots of good info about the area. Check it out !

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