02 January 2007

The *Great* Indoors sells me a Westinghouse LVM-37w3 1080p monitor for $799

I have been thinking about buy a new TV for some time and the stars aligned today for it.

First off, I was in the market for an LCD. I don't like plasma much due to the crappy viewing angle and DLP is just too weird. Since I want a smaller set LCD is just fine and the prices are getting pretty low.

My boss bought a 50" Vizio plasma a few months back, but he needed the bigger set for his room. My friend Mike bought a 40" Samsung LCD last year and I really like it. It looks great and has no discernible screendoor effect.

But I wanted something a bit smaller and in a true 1920x1080 resolution. Then the Westinghouse LVM-37w3 caught my eye. First off, it is just the right size. The 32" sets are too small and 40" sets are too big. The 37" set is just right, said Goldilocks. The LVM-37w1 and w2 were not 1920x1080 sets, but the LVM-37w3 is.

Some checking on AVS forums indicated pretty much everyone liked it. The only caveat being it is only a monitor, no TV tuner included. However, it was pretty tough to find one on display to check it out. Worst Buy claims to have them, but no store I called had them on display. The Westinghouse website said Great Indoors was the only other dealer in the Los Angeles area, so I called and they did have one on display.

I dragged Mike down to the Burbank Great Indoors at lunch today since he has the objective Samsung eyeballs. We both thought the set looked good, although it was not adjusted very well. There was no price label and when I inquired was told it was $1399, but they did not have them in stock. Oh well, time to leave.

Then the salesman (Winston) tells me the have an open box unit. But it is only about 10% off. As we are about to leave, he asks if I want the open box unit and I say not for just 10% off. He asks me to wait, goes off, and then comes back with $799. Yeah. $799. For a 37" 1920x1080 monitor. My jaw dropped and I said I would take it.

Mike and I came back later to pay and pick it up in his truck. While we are there the manager decides that dealing with the display is too much of a pain, so she tells them to give me a new boxed unit for the same price. Sweet !

All in all I was pretty happy with my virgin Great Indoors experience, even aside from the great deal. The store was clean and uncrowded, it has a Starbucks inside, the staff were all polite and intelligible. I am sure I will be going back.

Stay tuned for updates on getter better cable service and a better DVD player.

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