14 January 2008

School House Rock Live!

Drew, Grandma Jeanne, and I went to go see School House Rock Live! last night and it was really good. It is put on through Fairfax High School and the Greenway Arts Alliance.

They did a fabulous job of turning animation into live action. And working with a budget that is probably less than your grocery bill. They had a live band playing the music and the cast was all good, especially Jeffery Landman.

If you are a Gen X'er and love the School House Rock, grab the kids (or the neighbor's kids in the case of delayed maturity) and go see this show.

It runs Saturday's at 4pm and Sunday's at 4pm and 7pm through February 24th. You can get tickets either from the website or (cheaper) from Goldstar.

You can also buy the orginals on DVD and put some money in the Mouse's pockets.

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