08 September 2007

Burning Man Pictures and Thoughts

First off here are my limited pics from Burning Man. I misplaced my camera and only found it in the last 24 hours. My friend Steve has his pics here.

Secondly here are some random Burning Man thoughts, in no particular order, that have been floating around in my head.

  1. Take time to explore and figure out what you like and what you don't. Concentrate on what you like. You still won't see it all. Be good with your friends doing their own thing sometimes.
  2. Get an RV. Seriously. I will post our RV story later. But trust me, tents suck.
  3. Bring a drip coffee maker. Cleaning a French press without running water is awful.
  4. Carry those masks and goggles everywhere (at least during the day).
  5. FUCK those people who lock up or otherwise make a yellow bike their own. I got seriously bent on this after a few days and I released a few yellow bikes back into the wild.
  6. Next time, I am going to wear sandals all the time . I washed my feet a couple times a day and put lotion on them at night, so I did not get playa foot. My feet did not really stay cleaner wearing closed shoes, they just stayed sweatier.
  7. Apparently an electric lawn blower helps clear away the small dunes the form in your camp after a dust storm.
  8. You really shouldn't leave the awning down if no one is in the RV. Again, dust storms.
  9. Glow sticks blow. Next time I will invest in some EL wire and more bike lights.
  10. EZ up's blow. To provide shade a steel framed carport (with sides) and rebar to nail it down is a better bet. Don't forget tennis balls for the rebar ends, a 3 pound sledge to drive them in, and big pair of vise grips to get them out.
  11. We used about 20 gallons of water per person for the week. Glad we brought (just) enough.
  12. Using foil to cover the windows provided cooling and darkness during the day.
  13. Using contact paper to cover the floors provided easier cleanup.
  14. Bring a long (at least 50') HEAVY gauge extension cord and power strip. Your RV's generator will be needed by someone at some point.
  15. Go ahead, run the generator. We used less than 10 gallons of fuel all week running it.

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