08 June 2007

The Can Can can

I was up in Seattle for work this week, so I was looking around for something to do on Tuesday night.

Yelp pointed me to a local club called The Can Can. I quote reviewer SarahB - "It's like someone crawled into one of the messed up corners of my head and brought together my love of pseudo-french ambiance, sensual ladies in corsets, and campy game show hosts. Than they discovered my love of macaroni and cheese, mixed up a crazy cocktail and grabbed an eclectic bunch of misfits and threw it all down the stairs! It's just that good."

How could I not go ?

I quickly found it under the 1st & Pike Flower market. The room was very nicely decorated and properly dim. I sat ate the bar and chatted with a few people, the crowd was really friendly. The bartender also knew his shit and I watched make some awesome drinks (I just had one pint of a local ale).

The musical act that night was Vinny, a 15 year old kid that sings eerily like Johnny Cash (just him and a guitar). He was awesome! He did about 10 songs and got a nice round of applause.

So if you are up in Seattle with nothing to do one night, drop by The Can Can. I think you will like it.

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