14 March 2007

Unpacking the Polywell i680

I got the Polywell system yesteday. We unpacked it at work and took some pictures (it is too much effort to put all the pictures into blogger, so you can view them all over at Flickr). In general I think the system is pretty well put together. It is pretty quiet for a standard large tower PC. The massive side fan does not add to the noise at all.

A couple of points -

  • good - There was no crapware to uninstall ! The system was totally usable out of the box. All the drivers and such were installed and working fine.
  • bad - When I got it home, I popped in the IDE drive from my old system. But the IDE can't reach it and the DVD drive at the same time. So I need to go buy a longer IDE cable.
I did not get a chance to install any games on it yet.

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