26 March 2007

BarCampLA and a Piano in the Ice

I attended Day 1 of the recent BarCampLA.

I found the Saturday sessions to be a bit light, but I enjoyed -
  • Powerpoint Karoke
  • Hearing about Qtask (it can even slice bread!)
  • All the input during my brainstorming session
  • Thai food dinner and a keg of Bass Ale
  • Watching everyone play Wii (the poor Xbox360 guy was all alone ....)
And most of all, I enjoyed running into Jackie and going over to a Dangerous Curves event. We rounded a corner in Toy Town to find an upright piano frozen in a block of ice being attacked by Kerouac-like figures wielding axes. Later the flamethrower came out. Sweet !

I have a few pics up on Flickr.

Viva La BarCamp !

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